Myra Salud , bienestar y salud laboral

Myra Salud

Myra Salud is a professional medical society, comprised of physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists and Doctors, focusing on physical education, and promoting risk preparedness, together with entrepreneurial training. We aim at developing an integrated way of living a healthy life, including health preservation techniques


Our integrative health concept seeks to form workers with full risk-awareness at their job. Evaluation of worker and work environment, according to the concept of healthy life, in view of achieving balance between people’s natural requirements and productivity. We are constantly updating our model of intervention with highly trained professionals in the management of healthy lifestyles


People’s well-being is our ultimate goal. We seek to be a leader in occupational health, as people spend much of their lives in the service of a company. Through our intervention in a company’s work process, we claim that the companies concerned, achieve a working environment that promotes family welfare; the family being a vital component of the employee’s background. Social and physical balance of employees is best achieved through prevention of physical, psychological and environmental endangerments. This way we help to improve their quality of life, their work efficiency, as well as their employee loyalty.